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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Cola Chocolate Cake

I already know what you're thinking : another chocolate cake? Yes but let me tell you the story first. My boyfriend asked me if i could make a cake because he was hungry. He begged for a chocolate cake but i haven't any dark chocolate at home and i wanted to do the thing for either my D or F letter. Sadly i don't have any car today so i can't go shopping for ingredients and have to do with what i've got here : buttermilk (brought back from Charente by my mother), eggs (as usual - see my previous post), sugar, self raising flour, cocoa powder, coca cola... Then i remembered some Nigella's cake from How to be a domestic goddess : Cola Cake; i couldn't do any better so i whipped up the recipe and here it goes.

Tips :
- as i didn't have ordinary flour i used self raising flour
- 30 minutes of baking were enough.
- i didn't have any baking parchment so i only greased my tin with shortening and the cake unmoulded beutifully
- if i don't think of that strange thing that happened : a hole (yes a hole) was there standing at the back of the cake. If anyone has a suggestion i'm open.

Before baking thoughts : this cake is no more than a plain chocolate buttermilk cake with less buttermilk and little cola.
I think you can taste the cola in the batter; it is subtile and add a little something that brings you to wonder what it actually is. Now i can't wait to taste the cook version... 40 minutes to go

While baking thoughts : it seems to be one of those deeply aromatic cakes that fill the house with a delicious chocolate perfume.

Post baking thoughts : the cake is well-risen and looks airy and light - might be the bubbles from the cola? Who knows (i think it's because of the buttermilk factor...).
We ate it warm and it was just delicious.

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4 sweets:
Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Fanny, you can bake as much chocolate cakes as you want! :-) I love them! Have been reading though Domestic Goddess as well and was wondering how this cake would turn out...glad you posted about it :-)

31 August, 2005 19:39 

Blogger Kelly said something sweet:

Sounds like an interesting idea! Glad to hear it tasted good too :)

01 September, 2005 13:20 

Blogger *fanny* said something sweet:

Hi joey,
actually it tasted really good: very moist and very chocolatey. And when eaten cold you could really feel the cola.

Hi kelly,
it's true that it is a very interesting - though a little strange - idea. I wonder how nigella came after this one...

02 September, 2005 11:38 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

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08 October, 2005 22:08 

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