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Thursday, September 22, 2005
How to make your wine?

In class we have a module called de la vigne au vin [from vine to wine] and the aim is to produce your own wine. T
his is actually so very easy.
Last monday we went to a vineyard "Domaine de Candie" where we picked up grapes ( i should say lots of grapes) - truth to be told picking up 20kg of grape was a bit exhausting but i hope my wine will be good.

Anyway after doing all that exhausting work we mashed the grapes to get all the beautifully scarlet juices and we added some yeast so that we'll have a wonderful wine in less than a month.

The wine we'll produce is a Syrah. I'm not a pro about wine but i can tell you it will have delicious flavours like red fruits and banana...

Just a short note : i wanted to excuse myself for not being very active. I'm so sad i missed SHF but i couldn't havbe done something anyway : i don't have a oven.
I'm also sorry for my english : it's not easy to speak in precise words about a subject on which i can hardly speak in french (ie wine).

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5 sweets:
Blogger Mona said something sweet:

tu m'as fais rire fanny! ha!
j'adore le vin syrah et new peux pas attendre comment il gout? (is this correct french??)
tu n'as pas ecrit un poste il y a longtemps, contente de trouver tes nouvelles!

22 September, 2005 23:54 

Blogger Rose said something sweet:

Hi Fanny,
I found your blog earlier this week and enjoyed it so much I bookmarked it. Keep writing, your English is quite good and your writing is lovely.

Rose in Australia

23 September, 2005 02:39 

Blogger Kelly said something sweet:

Hi Fanny, the grape photos look beautiful. How exciting that you made your own wine!

Don't worry about missing SHF - there will be another one soon.

And please don't worry about your English - it's fine! :)

23 September, 2005 03:02 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Your English is great Fanny! I enjoy reading all your posts :) And your photos of the grapes are fantastic, they just jump out at you! :)

27 September, 2005 13:33 

Blogger *fanny* said something sweet:

Salut Mona, tu parles incroyablement bien francais. Mais on dit "je ne peux pas attendre de savoir quel gout il a". Bisous

Hi Rose, thank you so much. I appreciated your comment as i am fond in Aussie things at the moment.

Thank you Kelly for supporting me in such a difficult time (missing SHF is not easy sometimes) - just kidding. But i truly thank you for your kind words.

Hi Joey, thanx as usual...

27 September, 2005 15:40 

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