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Friday, October 07, 2005
A la recherche des butternut perdus

[looking for the lost butternut squash]

Eric Roux is a cook who have a great chronique on a mid-day show on Canal+. I love his chroniques are they're the most delicious and interesting food programmes on French tv : to tell the truth the first thing i do when i'm back home for lunch around 1pm is to turn on the television and watch him speak about tomatoes, grapes... while cooking for myself.
Last wednesday he talked about pumpkins. I was all excited because he showed differents kind of them and i was sure he was going to mention the famous butternut squash : the most divine pumpkin for me. Then he mentionned it, needless to say i was in heaven : "afterall it was possible to find buttermut squash in France, hourray!". I already knew Eric had a blog, but never dropped by.
So i went on his great blog and post him a comment on how much i loved his show and how much i was happy to know i could find butternut squash in france. He very kindly answered me by email that he was sure i could find what i wanted (i'm not going to repeat "butternut squash" all over this post) in Toulouse food maket.
Lucky me : i didn't have class on friday.

So this morning i woke up at 7am, took the bus down to the city center and went to all the food market i could find; but nowhere was my dear butternut squash. Desperate and hopeless i finely bought 4 lovely pomegranates and tentatively went to the last food market, asked the man if he had courge musquée (french name), but as he didn't seem to know what they was i said butternut and then he showed me 3 butternut squashes waiting for me to buy them... Guess what i did. Buy the 3 of them. And if i have too much, i'll just freeze them (clever girl, hey). I found the butternut squashes in a stand located inside the Place des Carmes market. I'll write recipes for butternut squash next week when i'll be in my home

The pomegranates - from cinderella to jewel princess

Oops, i didn't tell you everything; Eric Roux asked me if i could give hime a recipe using butternut for him to put on his blog. But i won't give him only one recipe but 3... that will be :
-butternut bruschetta from BBC's Ready Steady Cook
-either a very rich pumpkin risotto from Tom Norrington Davies or a beef and butternut squash curry from Paul Rankin
-butternut cheesecake from Feast


7 sweets:
Blogger Mona said something sweet:

Those pictures are great...I love fall and these pictures fully remind me of fall here in New England..think I'm goin to borrow that market pic and download to my screensaver...if ya don't mind :)

08 October, 2005 20:20 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

I like reading your blog- I haven't visited your site for about 2 months. I see it has changed a little. I see you are experimenting in photography... You turned me on to 101 cookbooks. Love that one too. Hope all is well.

Just a minor thing... squash is squash when plural- not squashes.

10 October, 2005 18:10 

Blogger *fanny* said something sweet:

Hi Mona, i'll be very happy if you take the picture for your deskop.I'm happy you enjoyed this post.

Hi Anonimous - i'll be pleased if you gave an url or something so that i could see your work.
For the english mistake - thanx for correcting me : i'm not so much into english as you can see. But can you say 1 squash too?

11 October, 2005 17:49 

Blogger Kelly said something sweet:

Hi Fanny, great post! I love how you went on a mission to find the squash.

BTW, I'd never thought about the plural for squash until I saw that other comment, so I checked my dictionary - it says you can either say "2 squash" or "2 squashes". It's not like fish or sheep where you never add "S". And yes, when there's only one, you do say "1 squash".

It's very cool that you're in touch with one of your favourite chefs! Will you put up a link to his blog so we can have a look?

13 October, 2005 00:36 

Blogger brownbreadicecream said something sweet:

This is embarassing but I've never seen pomegranate seeds(?) before--I had no idea that's what they look like. The colors are beautiful!

13 October, 2005 18:22 

Blogger Banlieue Blog said something sweet:

I love this post, I'm such a fan of Butternut Squash....but never knew the name in I can go to the Ferme and ask....Do you have......
Thanks, Fanny!

13 October, 2005 21:09 

Blogger *fanny* said something sweet:

Hi Kelly, thanx for your kind word and for the grammar-orthograph correction.
Thanx again

Hi Rachel, now you know waht they look like; but mine were a little paler than the usual pomegranate's seeds. Go on Estelle blog (in french) le hamburger et le croissant at she has great pix of pomegranates.

Hi Melissa, you'd be better ask a "butternut" with a french accent as the farmers don't seem to know "courge musquée"; even my grand mother who lives in the charentes maritimes went to alittle farmer market and found butternut squash under the name of "butternut".
Good luck with your own farmer.

14 October, 2005 08:30 

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