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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
In my garden

Tête de chat artichoke

I reckon i wouldn't lie by saying that June is my favourite month of the year. Lots of delicious fresh produce. Think lobster, apricots, melons, peas...
For me June is THE month of Artichokes.
I am lucky enough to live in the souce of France, so artichokes are avalaible in my garden as soon as the start of May, but in June, they really reach their best point -- both in taste, texture and size.

We grow two kinds of artichokes at home:
- the 'tête de chat' [cat's head].
Though it is delicious raw, i like it steamed. Basically you just steam the artichoke and wait for it to cool down.
- the Violet de Provence [Provence purple artichoke] also called 'poivrade'.
I love this one raw and served with a citrus vinaigrette.

Recipes ideas and ressources:
- How to trim an artichoke. The best step by step you could ever imagine.
- Artichoke panzanella
- Deep fried artichokes. My personal favourite!!!


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Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Wow. These are gorgeous!

30 May, 2006 20:02 

Blogger Sam said something sweet:

hey Fanny - thank you for the mention. I am glad people found it useful. I know finding out how to do it de-mythed it for me and so I just had to share.

30 May, 2006 23:50 

Blogger Fran said something sweet:

Beautiful garden. Hope my artichokes turn out this well.

31 May, 2006 00:26 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Bonjour! Thanks so for much for linking to me. I just clicked over wondering what Food Beam was all about and was totally stunned by your gorgeous photography, layout, and great recipes. Tres Cool!

I'm enjoying reading through all your posts...

31 May, 2006 11:18 

Blogger iamchanelle said something sweet:

lovely pics, fanny! how wonderful that you live in such a beautiful place, and have such a beautiful garden! thanks for the links - baby artichokes are on sale and i have been wondering what i could do with them! :)

01 June, 2006 15:51 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Oh Fanny you're so lucky to have such gorgeous artichokes in your garden, they look wonderful!

11 June, 2006 10:31 

Blogger *fanny* said something sweet:

L - thank you. They are good too.

Hi Sam an Ms Glaze - you're welcome. I was glad to find great recipes on your blogs.

Fran - i'm sure they'll be as beautiful...

Chanelle - yes i guess i'm very lucky to live in the south of france and to have a garden full of beautiful veggies and fruits (can't wait for the apricots :)

Hi Keiko - thank you so much for dropping by and for your kind words.

11 June, 2006 12:34 

Blogger geneve said something sweet:

I just discovered your blog and the photos and your food styling is fantastic! I could spend all day on your blog!!!

16 June, 2006 08:05 

Blogger leonine194 said something sweet:

wow excellent, you are so lucky!

30 January, 2007 08:16 

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