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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Mirror mirror on the wall ... does my blog look good in this? - Call for entries

foodbeam is the proud host for this month 'Does my blog look good in this?'.
This event, created by Ronald from LoveSicily, is a food photography challenge.

Who can participate?
Anyone with a blog (at least one month-old as you have to choose a picture posted during July), a camera and good food to be photographed.

How can I participate?
It is simple, just:
- choose a gorgeous food/drink picture posted on your blog during July
- email it to foodbeam with the subject heading DMBLGIT
+ tell me about you (name, location, name)
+ about your picture (what is it, which camera, permalink)
But do all this before the 24th of August!

Hey! It's bloody hard to choose THE picture, could you help me?
1. It must have been taken by you.
2. It must have been posted on your blog during July.
3. It must be food/drink related.
4. A panel of five judges will rate the pictures on:
eatability - do i want to stuff my face with it?
originality - is it out of the ordinary (composition, styling)?
aesthetics - is the focus/light/set-up gorgeous?
5. Want to make sure you're picture should be sent or not? Just check last month's DMBLGIT entries and winners.

I'm completely lost... Je suis perdu(e)...
You need help? I'm here to rescue you. Just send me an email and I'll do my best to answer all your questions.
Besoin d'aide? Je suis là pour ça. Envoyez moi un email et je ferais de mon mieux pour répondre à toutes vos questions.

Only one entry per person is allowed.
Judges can't enter the challenge.

Good luck to everyone!

- -


9 sweets:
Blogger Andrew said something sweet:

Good luck Fanny, If yuo have as many entries as last month the task of selecting the very best is gonna be tricky!

Should also add that only one entry per person is allowed and the host and the judges cant enter. Apart from that its a free-for-all!

04 August, 2006 00:57 

Blogger Helen (AugustusGloop) said something sweet:

Happy hosting Fanny! I am sure you will do a fantastic job and I look forward to seeing an entirely new collection of droolworthy photos!

04 August, 2006 01:58 

Blogger Elodie said something sweet:

Un sacré boulot t'attend ! Very happy to know that you're not allowed to participate !!!!!!!!!!
Hope you'll enjoy your hosting !

04 August, 2006 14:12 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Very cool! Je participerai assurément! Il ne me reste plus qu'à choisir parmi mes photographies de juillet, en me souvenant bien que l'important est de participer ;-)

04 August, 2006 17:45 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Does the blog have to be in English? :)

04 August, 2006 22:05 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Alright I am giving it a try this go around.

05 August, 2006 03:51 

Blogger Parisbreakfasts said something sweet:

Do you have to have "cooked" the food as well as shot it? I'm in trouble if that's the case..
That Gazpacho looks out of this world!

05 August, 2006 07:13 

Blogger Andrew said something sweet:

As long as the photo was taken by you and appeared on your blog during July you can take part. It is open to all regardless of location or language.

06 August, 2006 22:20 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Happy hosting, Fanny! There were really fantastic entries last month. I would like to participate on this round just for fun :) I'll email you soon!

08 August, 2006 13:29 

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