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Friday, November 25, 2005
10 kitchen confessions meme

Me, in my boyfriend's kitchen cooking roast potatoes.

I have been tagged by Anne from Station gourmande for this meme. I thought i could never do it by this week as i'm so very busy and as tons of posts are waiting to get online. But i've been thinking all the days about the 10 confessions i could make. Sure there're some i wish i wouldn't tell, but i tried to be as honest as possible.

Here are my confessions, try not to laugh, please.

The general confessions

1. I can't eat lamb. I know i'm missing something, but i can't help. I just find the smell of it awful. Actually if there's some lamb cooking in the kitchen i really can't go in it : i have to apply a 10 meters safe distance. Wow it makes me SHIVER.

2. But i could have CRISPY RICE with soya sauce for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner; and all in the same day. I find this so delicous. Can you imagine i'm able to eat 120g (uncooked weight) rice for lunch???

The food obsession confessions

3. I can't help but think about FOOD every second of the day : new combos, recipes to try, recipes to improve... If i could i'll go and check all the food blogs in the world to see new pictures and new recipes to add to my list.

4. It seems i can't go out without buying a new cookbook. I went to London for 3 days and bought 3 cookbooks and would have bought much more if i could afford it. Actually it's a good thing that cookbooks are quite expensive (25£ is a lot of money for a student) because if they'd be cheaper i think i would have to BUILD A NEW HOUSE to put them all.

5. I can't think about anything non-food related to put on my Xmas wish list. In fact, my interest in fashion is getting lower and lower everyday (forget that gucci bag) and i'm now more focused on KITCHEN FASHION.

My mother's kitchen confessions

6. When my mother tells me how somebody made something i always say : "i prefer my way to do it", even if i never REALLY made that thing. But as i think a lot about food, i think a lot about how to cook certain things and feel like i know how to make them.
The best example is puff pastry : never made it but feel very confident about it.

7. When i'm back home for the week end, i spend all my time in the kitchen. And when i'm cooking, my mother's always around tidying up all the mess i make. I always tell her "i can clean mum!", with a bored hint in my voice; but actually i'm happy she's here to clean because i'm such a lazy dishwasher but love my kitchen to be tidy. Merci Maman, je t'aime.

The preference for sweet confession

8. I loke to cook. This is a fact. But i like to bake more. I always feel the urge to bake some mufins, cookies... more than i feel the need to cook savoury dishes.
I'm happy NOT TO HAVE an oven her in my little apartment as i would bake all the time and miss the class.

The always-want-to-do-something confession

9. My school is organizing a repas de noël [xmas lunch] for all the students (300 people). And i filled in the form to be a member of the organizing time because i thought we were actually going to prepare the food and not buy it. I tried to convince the other members but they all sai "cook for 300 people, NO WAY".

The blog confession

10. Since i've started this blog and thus since i started getting serious in photography, i always think of my recipe in photography-bility before making them and it's accurate that NO ONE CAN TOUCH the food before i have it in my little box...

I now tag Zarah Maria from Food & Thoughts and Melissa from The traveler's Lunchbox.


2 sweets:
Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

et bien voilà une de plus avec le virus (non grave) des bloggeuses et bloggeurs culinaires.

ne t'inquiète pas tu as tous les symptômes mais de temps en temps, pose ton appareil photo et profites (sinon, ils vont croire que tu fais partie d'une secte d'un nouveau genre les culinomaniaques).

25 November, 2005 21:46 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Same here. I love to cook, but I love to bake even more.

The problem is that we don't really eat that much cakes and cookies in a two-person household. So basically, if I make a batch of cupcakes just for fun like I did two days ago I have to force myself to eat three cupcakes a day, so they won't go to waste.

10 October, 2006 17:02 

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