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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Liste de Noel - Kitchenaid Superstar

Ma liste de Noël en Français pour mes parents chéris que j'aime

My mum has been pushing me to make this list for at least 2 weeks. And i must admit that it's quite weird i haven't made it yet. But here i am and here is what i want for Christmas.

My number one wish is an Artisan KitchenAid standmixer in White.
This is such useful in a kitchen; but i know i can wait for it as i don't have my own kitchen yet and managed to cook without it for years. Basically if i'd got a stand mixer fo Christmas, i'd be so happy.
Other small things such as a silicon 13-14cm wide loaf mould from Jamie Oliver Tefal's collection are high on my list.
Some nice cookie-cutters from Jane Asher would be great too.
Maybe a puzzle piece one or unicorns... I thought about that because i got some lovely snowflakes cookies cutters (which i'll talk about in another post).
Another great thing i found browsing the web was this flour sieve. Staying in the baking realm, let's now talk about silicon. I'd like a monobloc rubber spartula (something quite similar and somehow useful would be a "corne or racle-tout"), a great and very useful silicon baking sheet. Because i bought high quality belgian chocolate chip and can't wait to make moist and not-crunchy cookies (it's always better when the cookies don't stick to the baking sheet, isn't it?).
Some cooking rings wouldn't be too much, as long as they're 6cm high ; and one thing i wish i could have is a Rosle Magiwhisk (fouet plat a spirale), i had great fun discovering their "soulève gateau", which must be very useful.
Hep, this is not finished yet. I remembered Heidi saying she bought a pizza stone and i agree with her that it changes the whole thing about pizzas. According to Heidi (again), i should think about getting an oven thermometer. Talking pratical, a 16cm chef knife is a great investement.

Now in souvenir of a never-achieved quest, i name a glass cake dome.

[Update - i got almost everything i wanted bar the kitchen aid]

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4 sweets:
Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Just admiring your list. Great items. I'd love one of those silicone baking sheets too. Would also like a "real" chef's knife. Is there a particular reason why you chose this one? I have a new gadget I really like. It is a silicone baster and it is wonderful. Hope you get everything on your list!

19 November, 2005 02:40 

Blogger *fanny* said something sweet:

Hi Fran,
i wanted a all-stainless steel knife but i was thinking it could slip from your hand and be dangerous. Then i found Global knives and their "slip-resistant handle" and discovered the steel they were made of was much more resistant than the usual germa steel.

And i think i must add one of those silicone blaster in my list too.


19 November, 2005 09:03 

Blogger aude said something sweet:

c'est rigolo, j'ai à peu près les mêmes trucs que toi sur ma liste !

02 December, 2005 14:27 

Blogger shuna fish lydon said something sweet:

I think it is so cute that you put your Christmas list here!

I wrote a list of places I like to buy gifts at for my dec 24 post. I guess it's a bit similar...

25 December, 2005 06:02 

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