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Thursday, February 02, 2006
Soothing London - DAY FOUR - Sushi and doughnuts

Today we're going to London, one of the busiest cities of the world. We have to be prepared – have a good full breakfast.
So we had breakfast on a bun, a great thing D. and I used to have in the St Lawrence market in Toronto and a banana smoothie.

OK we're ready. Our mission if we accept it is to reach Jane Asher's sugarcraft shop.

We arrived in London Waterloo just 30 minutes after we left Kingston.
Then we took the Northern and Piccadilly lines to reach Knightsbridge.
By the time we were in Harvey Nix and Harrods it was already 3PM. Time for lunch.
For me London lunch means Sushi.

I had my first sushi in London (YO! At the fifth floor) but now we discovered a new place where the sushi are even better. I always have the salmon sushi with chili ('salmon nigiri') and D., the ebi prawn nigiri with herb pesto. I also love the duck crystal rolls served with a hoisin sauce. But my greatest addiction is Edamame beans. I love the hot spicy ones.

118 Draycott Avenue, Chelsea
London SW3 3AE
Mon to Sat: Noon to 11pm
Sunday: Noon to 10pm

Price (for 2 – light lunch) – 20/30£

Then we went to Jane Asher's, the prettiest shop in the world. You can find hundreds of things to make and decorate cakes.
Here is a list of my absolute favourites:
- paste colourings (I own more than 15 of them); I love the gooseberry which gives the most beautiful pistachio colour and the two I recently purchased are Wine and Eucalyptus.
- Belgian chocolate buttons
- coconut extract
- cookie cutters
- edible glitters
- chocolate moulds (I got the one with hearts)
- chocolate thermometer
- muffin cases
- sprinkles…

Jane Asher's
24 Cale street

Back from Chelsea we stopped at a petrol station to get something to drink and I found the most delicious crappy drink in the whole world – Bounty drink 'made with real coconut'.

Then we went to Harrods to get some Krispy Kreme – as the saying goes if you going to get wet you may as well go swimming. Today was really the day of junk style food.
We headed towards the Sheraton Park Tower where we enjoyed our doughnuts and ordered hot chocolate.
We had an amazing view from our room.

We finished our day at San Lorenzo, a great Italian restaurant where we saw the famous photographer David Bailey.
P. had a pollo alla mattone (grilled chicken), D. had a scallopina alla Milanese and I had a scallopina alla romana. It was very good. The meat was so tender.
For pudding we shared the most delicious sorbet I ever had. It was a berry sorbet but tasted like a raspberry and lime-lemon sorbet. It was very smooth and so fresh.

San Lorenzo
22 Beauchamp place

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5 sweets:
Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Coucou, c Aïda, il est trop bien ton blog !C trop big fun ce ke ta mi d'angleterr, j'éspère ke tu t'amuse bien ac David...
Je t'aime FORT


03 February, 2006 19:28 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

I love Itsu I think it's the best conveyor belt sushi in London. I'm interested to hear more about San Lorenzo, is it stil very fashionable?

07 February, 2006 11:51 

Blogger sooishi said something sweet:

Bonjour, quel joli blog!
A bientôt

07 February, 2006 16:47 

Blogger sooishi said something sweet:

Tellement joli que je l'ai linké dans mon blog ;-)
See u

07 February, 2006 17:07 

Blogger *fanny* said something sweet:

Coucou mon boubinou. Moi aussi I LOVE U...

Hi Alex, istu is so so good. Concerning San Lorenzo i loved it. The dishes were delicious and the atmosphere was great. There were lots of artist and even the famous photographer David Bailey.

Hi ooishigal, merci beaucoup.


09 February, 2006 20:31 

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