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Monday, July 24, 2006
Il y a un an..

[One year ago...]
...just back from Paris where I had exams, I decided to start a foodblog. After 48h spent on both nordljus and the traveler's lunchbox, I was ready (I'd really like to thank Keiko and Melissa for being such an inspiration).
I wasn't very confident with blogs nor I was with photography, but I though 'never mind, you love food, that should make it!'.

One year later, I realize how many things I've learnt: from making wine to macaroner; from whipping up the best chocolate chip cookie ever to taking care of goats… It's been a year full of experiences and I think I won't be wrong by saying that lots of these experiences have been motivated by foodbeam.

Foodbeam's been acting like someone who pushes you to make things. Everyday I would think of subjects on which I could write.
Before creating foodbeam, I would have never enjoyed visiting an ice-cream factory as much I did; because this year, I knew I'd be able to share my experience with you.
I do think sharing is the key-word of foodblogging. So I'd like to thank all of you who stopped by to share their own experience, making my food life a little more interesting everyday. I'd also like to thank all the great foodbloggers who have been and remain a daily inspiration, turning life into something yummy and blog-y-licious.
Here are some of my favourite articles among the tons of well-written blogs:
Melissa's sweet story. Jocelyn's brilliant write-up on macarons. Nicky and Oliver's pink pasta – creative, beautiful and tasty. Matt's funny articles. All of Keiko's pictures - she's so talented.

I've literally been overwhelmed by this food world and I'm not trying to escape yet. My love for food has been growing constantly from my childhood and even faster from last July.
I do love food in every single way. I love to shop for it, to prepare it, to grow/breed it...

To round up this 90th post, below is my top-ten:
Chocolate espresso cake with caffe-latte cream
August 12
This cake is one of the best chocolate-coffee cake I've ever had. As I admitted on the article, I'm not so much into coffee (drink), but I love it in sweets.
The cake itself is light. So the combo with the caffe-latte cream is a real winner: you end up with a fluffy as heaven cake.

Aubergine, yogurt and mint dip
October 15
I am fond of dips, salsas... And especially of a caviar d'aubergine my mother is used to make.
But this dip is quite special: creamy yet very fresh. I love the combinaison of aubergines and mint.
And the pinenuts really set the final touch, adding a nutty taste to make a perfectly balanced dip.

La pissaladiera
October 19
I was born in the Mediterranean and Mediterranean dishes hold a special place in my heart. I don't know about you, but when eating un pan bagna, une salade niçoise or du poisson délicieux péché en Méditerranée, I can feel the sun in my mouth. That may sound a bit odd, but that's the way it is.
This pissaladiera is a onion confit tart and is so full of sun.

Chocolate puff pastry
December 29
This is definitely one of my greatest discoveries of the year. Mostly because it was the first time I made puff pastry but also because of the chocolate-twist that really magnifies the feathery nature of puff-pastry.

Honey semifreddo
January 22
I love semifreddos because of their texture: between an ice-cream and a soufflé, in one word, dreamy!
This honey semifreddo is luscious and has a real melt-in-your-mouth consistency, which makes it the perfect treat to end a light summer lunch.

Macarons Plénitude
March 7
These are so special to me because this is the first recipe I made from one of my favourite cookbooks: PH10.
In this book, Pierre Hermé reveals the recipes for all his dazling creations.
The macaron plenitude is a caramel/chocolate macaron with a chocolate-caramel à la fleur de sel ganache. Really, what's not to love?

Choux et éclairs à la vanille
March 28
In France, you find vanilla éclairs in every single bakery. They're just part of French cuisine. When I was a child, I used to love them and I still do.
So making them at home is a good way to feed your cravings.
The choux pastry is from Pierre Hermé and the crème pâtissière is from Christophe Felder, a favourite pastry chef of mine.

Fanny and the Ice Cream Factory
April 7
Are you an ice-cream lover? Then you should read this post.
I'm lucky enough to be an engineering student and hence I can visit food factories.
This article sums up my visit of one of the leading ice-cream factories in France. Lots of behind-the-scene pictures!

Charlotte aux framboises et au fromage blanc
April 25
A charlotte is a pudding made of a savoiardi crust filled with a fruit mousse. It's fresh and frutty: the ultimate spring treat.
Everyone loves it, from 1-year-old to grow-ups.
PS. The picture was voted 'grand winner' for May DMBLGIT.

And because i can't resolve myself to choose only ten things, the last one:

Pistachio cake with orange blossom syrup
April 13
Using pistachios results in a highly fragrant and moist cake that will send you straight on the Moroccan coast. So delicious!


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Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Joyeux anniversaire à Food Beam ! Quelle bonne idée tu as eu d'ouvrir ce blog il y a un an de cela ! Je vous souhaite une longue vie blogguesque !

24 July, 2006 13:55 

Blogger Bonnie said something sweet:

Congratulations and I hope there are still many years to come for you and Food Beam! I can't wait to see what the next year will bring!

24 July, 2006 14:30 

Blogger veronica said something sweet:

joyeux anniversaire et merci a toi pour toutes ces magnifiques photos

24 July, 2006 14:57 

Blogger Rosa's Yummy Yums said something sweet:

Un joyeux blog anniversaire à toi! Merci pour toutes les magnifiques choses que tu partages avec nos!

24 July, 2006 15:09 

Blogger Elodie said something sweet:

Oh déjà un an ? Moi ça ne fait que 15 jours que je viens rêver sur ton site, j'ai tellement bien rêvé au début que c'est ton site qui a été le déclencheur du mien, le lendemain de ma 1ère visite je me décidais à poser les bases de mon blog. Je vais décortiquer ton top ten et me délecter de chacune des anecdotes. C'est une belle création Fanny, bravo.

24 July, 2006 15:20 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Un an déja... que le temps passe vite, tu vas donc attaquer maintenant la V.2 , bravo

24 July, 2006 15:22 

Blogger Papilles et Pupilles said something sweet:

Joyeux anniversaire. C'est un régal de venir ici. Pourvu que ça dure le plus longtemps possible !

24 July, 2006 15:39 

Blogger Alanna Kellogg said something sweet:

Happy Anniversary, Fanny & Food Beam! Love the year's favorites, what a line-up!

24 July, 2006 15:48 

Blogger sooishi said something sweet:

Joyeux Anniversaire food beam!!
Your'e in my top 5!

24 July, 2006 15:50 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Hi Fanny!
Joyeux anniversaire! Happy Anniversary! A toast to many more inspirational Food Beam years!

24 July, 2006 16:04 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Bon anniversaire bloguesque ! Tout est si beau ici !

24 July, 2006 17:18 

Blogger Joycelyn said something sweet:

hi fanny, gorgeous post, happy blog birthday! may the year ahead be filled with much good food and adventures in the kitchen...

24 July, 2006 18:25 

Blogger Zarah Maria said something sweet:

Happy Birthday Foodbeam! Here's to many more years!

24 July, 2006 18:26 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Bon anniv a food beam et merci pour le classement, je me rends compte que je n'ai toujours pas essayé ton # 11, il faut vite réparer cette étourderie !

24 July, 2006 18:42 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Happy birthday Fanny and Foodbeam! I'm honored to have been an inspiration for such a remarkable blog, and I've found inspiration from you many times myself. May the next year be just as delicious as the last...

24 July, 2006 18:46 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Happy Birthday Fanny, with many more to come!!

24 July, 2006 22:23 

Blogger Fabienne said something sweet:

Happy Birthday Food Beam

24 July, 2006 22:36 

Blogger Aude said something sweet:

Joyeux anniversaire Food Beam! Je me rappelle avoir découvert ton blog à ses débuts et l'avoir suivi cette année. Encore plein de bonnes choses à venir, je m'en régale d'avance.

24 July, 2006 22:52 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Joyeux anniversaire à Food Beam et surtout, surtout, continue!!!! Tes photos sont magnifiques et les recettes incroyables!!

25 July, 2006 07:31 

Blogger Catherine said something sweet:

Happy birthday...and many more! I love your blog and your beautiful photos!

25 July, 2006 07:51 

Blogger Alhya said something sweet:

Joyeux blog anniversaire, j'aime tout particulièrement découvrir ces merveilleux billets et je ne passe par ici m'évader que depuis quelques mois, j'ai donc plein d'archives à consulter!

25 July, 2006 08:32 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Happy Birthday Food Beam, I have certainly enjoyd the ride so far and look forward to what you have to come

25 July, 2006 08:33 

Blogger tschoerda said something sweet:

alles gute zum geburtstag (that's german for Joyeux anniversaire)! you have been a great inspiration for my humble litte foodblog, keep up the brilliant work!

25 July, 2006 13:11 

Blogger Banlieue Blog said something sweet:

Happy Blog Birthday!!
Your post is a REAL tribute to your lovely cooking, writing and beautiful photography! many more!
Best wishes,

25 July, 2006 14:45 

Blogger Estelle Tracy said something sweet:

Happy birthday, Food Beam, long life to you and your lovely writer!

25 July, 2006 20:01 

Blogger Bron said something sweet:

Many Happy Returns Foodbeam!!!

26 July, 2006 00:02 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Congratulations! It's been fun reading you this year and I'm looking forward to reading more.

Wende (on the edge of the world in Oregon)

26 July, 2006 05:49 

Blogger Helen (AugustusGloop) said something sweet:

Happy Birthday! Sharing experiences, anecdotes and photos is one of the most rewarding aspects of foodblogging. May you continue to share your beautiful photos of delicious creations for years to come!

26 July, 2006 08:24 

Blogger Jen said something sweet:

Congratulations I am looking forward to many more food experiences to be shared on Food Beam. You have such a wonderful blog and hope your mext year will be even better!

26 July, 2006 11:56 

Blogger Unknown said something sweet:

Bon anniversaire Food Beam! et je te souhaite encore plein d'autre blog-anniversaire!

26 July, 2006 13:13 

Blogger geneve said something sweet:

Felicitations Fanny!
I love your site and you've created and shared so many lovely things! I look forward to enjoying many more delicious posts!!! ;)

26 July, 2006 19:41 

Blogger Ginger M. said something sweet:

oh congrats, Fanny and Food Beam! Many more fruitful years ahead! Cheers!

27 July, 2006 07:12 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

happy birtday! i wish i knew earlier so i could make you a batch of panda cup cakes!

many happy returns!

27 July, 2006 17:52 

Blogger iamchanelle said something sweet:

Happy First Birthday, Foodbeam!!! We have been the ones to benefit from this year and so look forward to many more!

27 July, 2006 18:57 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Happy blog birthday Fanny! I can't belive it's been a year already - thank YOU for being an inspiration, I look forward to reading more of your lovely posts.

27 July, 2006 19:16 

Blogger Julia said something sweet:

may many many many more delicious recipes, mouth-watering pictures and great stories come -
I absolutely love foodbeam! (your actually quite a rolmodel for me, if I achieve half as much as you have in this year I'll be very very happy...:)
up to the next anniversary!

27 July, 2006 22:16 

Blogger Nic said something sweet:

Congrats, Fanny! I'm looking forward to (at least) another year.

27 July, 2006 22:34 

Blogger Valentina said something sweet:

Fanny, congratulations.And thank you for being an inspiration.Your wonderful articles, fabulously gorgeous photographs..I shall be back to toast the 2nd birthday next year.

27 July, 2006 23:33 

Blogger olioli said something sweet:

Fantastic and well done for keeping up such a wonderful food blog! I have loved the visuals and the writing ever since I discovered this through your pics on flickr, thank you!

28 July, 2006 09:56 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Je découvre ton blog aujourd hui! alors ça tombe bien ainsi: joyeux anniversaire!

28 July, 2006 10:14 

Blogger Chubby Hubby said something sweet:

Happy anniversary. It's been a fantastic year. Congrats!

28 July, 2006 13:03 

Blogger *fanny* said something sweet:

Wow, thank YOU so much all you taught me.
Yoi've been such an inspiration and a motivation.



28 July, 2006 23:22 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Oh, happy birthday, foodbeam!

What a beautiful and elegant looking piece of cake.

You have a great blog here. I will sure be back for more!

Thanks for visiting mine too. :)

29 July, 2006 18:05 

Blogger lobstersquad said something sweet:

That´s so great, a whole year and so many great posts. Congrats. I really loved the ice cream factory one.

30 July, 2006 12:20 

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