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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Je crois que je suis amoureuse de quelqu'un - Un été en Nouvelle Zélande

[I think I might be in love with someone - A summer in New Zealand]

Indeed in love I am.
I just love New Zeland summer. Actually I love it so much that I don't even have time to bake nor cook. And I do really miss it. So, promise, as soon as I get baking scales, it will smell of chocolate and sugar all over the campus.
Baking in progress...

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21 sweets:
Blogger leonine194 said something sweet:

so lucky!!

06 March, 2007 08:52 

Blogger Ales said something sweet:

As above...sooooo lucky! A dear friend of mine has just been and she had a wonderful time too : )

06 March, 2007 11:17 

Blogger Papilles et Pupilles said something sweet:

It's a dream !

06 March, 2007 14:14 

Blogger Lisa Fain (Homesick Texan) said something sweet:

I've never been, but from what I've read, seen and heard, New Zealand is a magical place well worthy of your love! Enjoy!

06 March, 2007 14:46 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Bonjour Fanny - what an experience for you! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

06 March, 2007 18:41 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

very lovely weather...glad to know that you are enjoying it. ^_^
Hey, i miss your wonderful food shots..

07 March, 2007 05:52 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

Soak up the sun... Summer is my favourite time of year and every possible second should be spent outside! :-)

07 March, 2007 15:15 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

i stumbled upon your blog after hopping from one to another. i love your posts, and i've bookmarked some of your recipes to try out soon! i'm planning to do the peach almond yoghurt cake. ;) thank you and keep up the good work!

07 March, 2007 18:29 

Blogger Warda said something sweet:

Looks like everyone is going to New Zeland.Is it for the sunny and warm weather or to check out the blonds, tall, gorgeous surfers...I don't know. Whatever it is, have a good time there.

07 March, 2007 18:54 

Blogger Wanderlusting said something sweet:

New Zealand is a joy to live in and visit.

Your calming photo of the end of a summer day, brings back wonderful memories.

Thank you!

09 March, 2007 03:32 

Blogger Pika said something sweet:

Dear Fanny .. so lucky you are :) We've been there a year ago and I long for especially the south island every day since we're back. The whole country is a bless to live there! And the people as well.
So enjoy it fully, as much as you can a bit more :)

best regards from rainy Slovenia

09 March, 2007 16:02 

Blogger Helene said something sweet:

What a great experience! Can't wait to hear more when you have the time.

10 March, 2007 04:13 

Blogger Susan from Food Blogga said something sweet:

You should never rush a love affair.

10 March, 2007 14:45 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

I agree with the last comment, never rush a love affair! Much as I adore your photographs, entries and recipes I would rather you soak up the sun and enjoy the summer. And in the meantime I'll just live vicariously through you, if you don't mind. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)

12 March, 2007 03:13 

Blogger Ginger M. said something sweet:

Post some pictures of this new love of yours please!

13 March, 2007 16:03 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

I'm so jealous.

16 March, 2007 21:49 

Blogger Camille Clech said something sweet:

Il me tarde d'en savoir plus sur tes nouvelles aventures :-)

17 March, 2007 10:14 

Blogger L Vanel said something sweet:

Ahhh, summer. Have fun!

17 March, 2007 22:19 

Blogger Emma said something sweet:

I am glad to see you are loving our summer!

21 March, 2007 02:13 

Blogger alexgirl said something sweet:

I'm so jealous. I would LOVE to go to New Zealand.
And you're blog is totally adorable, btw. :)

22 March, 2007 00:33 

Anonymous Anonymous said something sweet:

hi I am Italian and love food...
I live in New Zealand ... and I absolutely agree with you... how could you cook or bake with this wonderful weather???

24 March, 2007 11:37 

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