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Saturday, January 28, 2006
Soothing London - Day ONE - Wagamama experience

London can be quite a stressful city. Lots of people, lots of colors, lots of stimulations…
But on the other hand, you can find whatever you want and have a really good time.

Usually when I go to England, I stay in Kingston, a small –but ravishing- town that lays upon the Thames River.
David has a great apartment from which you can see the actual river, its swans and its rowing men.
The town is just a ten-minute walk far and has all the greatest shop you can imagine.

I'll make a daily report of what I did – so that you can discover new and cherished places in Kingston and London. Any suggestion will be well received!

I arrived on Saturday completely exhausted by the several-hour delays due to the bad weather in Toulouse (it was snowing!!!).

On the evening we went to Wagamama noodle bar in Kingston. I remembered not having a good experience the first time I went there – but I guessed it was because of my choice: I don't like ramens (kind of soup with noodles). But anyway I decided I could give it another go.
Wagamama is a food chain who offers quality dishes of noodles and great drinks.
Sadly I forgot my camera – so there won't be any picture of what D. and I had.
D. took a fruit juice made with orange, passion fruit and apple and a chicken katsu curry – chicken fillet deep-fried in crispy breadcrumbs, served with a light curry sauce and Japanese-style rice garnished with a combination of mixed leaves and red pickles.
I took an apple and lime juice; which was excellent and then a yaki udon – tepan-fried udon noodles with shiitake mushrooms, egg, leeks, prawns, chicken, red pepper, beansprouts and Japanese fishcake in curry oil; garnished with spicy ground fish powder, fried shallots and red ginger.
And we also shared a ebi gyoza – five deep-fried dumplings filled with finely chopped king prawns, water chestnut and spinach and served with a chilli, garlic and soy sauce.
We were both really happy with our choices.
Price – 25 £


16-18 high street
Kingston upon thames
tel: + 44 (0) 208 546 1117

Opening hours
mon-sat 12/11PM
sun 12/10PM

I also made my favourite cookies recipe using Lurpac butter and now we have plenty of leftover cookie dough to be able to bake some cookies whenever we want.

- - - -


2 sweets:
Blogger shuna fish lydon said something sweet:

My favourite snack in London was the Bio Yogurt at the Waitrose supermarkets. Looks like you are having a lovely time.

30 January, 2006 22:38 

Blogger *fanny* said something sweet:

Hi shuna, i also love bio valley yogurt. It is so good and creamy!

09 February, 2006 20:25 

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