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Monday, March 27, 2006
Une boite avec les ingredients pour "afternoon tea" - EBBP # 4

After few days off, i was happily suprised to see spring back again. But i was even more happy when i opened my mail box - a beautiful parcel from England was waiting here for me.
I just ran to my room, opened the parcel and discovered with delight all the great goodies Anna from Baking for Britain sent me.
It was 'une boite avec les ingredients pour "afternoon tea"' [a box filled with all the necessary ingredients for a successfull afternoon tea] as said the little card she gracefully wrote in French.

A letter accompanied the parcel - describing all the items it contained.
I love the way Anna feels about afternoon tea. For her, afternoon tea is what you make it. And i especially loved that part : "The same sentiment of genteel indulgence can be experienced by pouring a cup of your favourite tea variety, and taking a single slice of home-made sponge cake, or the largest of the biscuits from the biscuit jar".

To start an afternoon tea you must have something savoury, such as:
- Patum Peperium (or Gentleman's relish): a spiced anchovy relish, which makes a delicious spread on buttered toasts.
- Bath Oliver biscuits. Anna likes them "as a basis for membrillo and manchego", even if it's not very conventional.

Then you should have something sweet:
- Cornish saffron buns: so good when toasted, split and spread with butter (or even with some lemon curd)
- Lemon curd: Anna says it's a doodle to make, but truth to be told, i am always happy with a jar in my cupboard.

And finally, if afternoon tea is called that way it may be because you drink ... tea!
- Twinings afternoon tea: a nice fragrant English tea.
- the cutest tea pot on earth to infuse your favourite tea

Thank you so much Anna.
Thanx to Andrew as well for this wonderful event.

- -

Update - as you may have noticed FOOD BEAM is going under mega relooking.
I shall tell you that this blog is better viewed with Internet Explorer and i am really sorry for all of you who use Firefox or any other web browser.
But i can proudly say that the comment section is back in order (thanx again to Andrew). OK, OK, there might still be some weird codes... But the comments are appearing!


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